Introduce yourself

If you just got here, say hi! Let us know your name, where you work (if it’s not confidential!), what you’re interested to talk about here, and your story of how and why you joined us.

I’ll kickstart the introductions since I’m the one who started this party!

I’m Jason, hailing from Singapore. I’m into design :pencil2:️ + public good :classical_building: + indie maker :rocket: + mindfulness :shinto_shrine:. I was a civil servant in my past life, working in a crack team of designers to spread human-centered design to the whole of the Singapore government. Felt the maker itch to make my own products and start my own business, so I started Outsprint Design to run design sprints with government organisations. I also made Public Design Vault and this forum. I started this forum because I craved to connect to and LEARN FROM the global community of professionals working at the intersection of design, innovation, public good and social impact. There’s already so many Facebook/Slack groups online where people are discussing and asking questions, and I’m surprised why there isn’t already a forum to bring the discussions to a more in-depth, considered level. So there. Here I am. Looking forward to talking to everyone! :slight_smile:

Hi! I’m Leon, I used to work in Government, and was an ex-colleague of Jason at the The Human Experience Lab, a design thinking unit in Singapore public service! I now work at Manulife’s Lab of Forward Thinking (LOFT) to teach/coach teams in design thinking, and apply human centered design, Lean start-up and agile methods to projects across Asia.

I still feel passionate about the importance of innovation and good design in public service projects and its potential impact - cheers to Jason for setting up the Public Design Vault!!

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