SDG's Unleash 2018 | Experts - Social/Environmental Impact Founders

Hi all,

I was looking around the forum - looks like a great resource and can’t wait to see how it develops.

Jason has kindly agreed to let me post an ‘ASK’ on here and I can think of no better platform to do so.

I am currently looking for founders/cofounders of startups, organisations around 2-3yrs established who have some traction a specific area of impact (social/environmental) who would be willing and able to be involved in Unleash 2018, Singapore. This takes place over 30 May - 6 June this year.

The idea is that over a few days of the laboratory they will ‘consult’ (as a volunteer) to help the innovation teams understand the problem area they are looking to develop solutions in - sharing their knowledge, experience, insights and the challenges faced.

These roughly align to the following SDG’s (UN Sustainable Development Goals):

(2) Zero Hunger
(3) Good Health and Well-Being
(4) Quality Education
(6) Clean Water and Sanitation
(7) Affordable and Clean Energy
(11) Sustainable Cities and Communities
(12) Responsible Consumption and Production
(13) Climate Action

If you are such a founder or know of any such founders/organisations, please do get in touch and we can assess if they would be suitable. It would preferably be those who are based in Singapore!


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@giecheong know any startup founders working on the SDGs?

@MMarisa does creating an app for mindfulness count under (3) Good Health and Well-Being? I know a guy - Bjorn is his name. He started Mindfi:

@Jason not sure if Lewis would know anyone? I don’t know anyone. Lewis works in sustainability field now rite?