Welcome to Public Design Forum!

This forum is a platform for a global community where we help one another when we have questions about the design process as applied in the public/social sector, or when we need advice on how best to approach a public project/social cause. Ask questions, help others by answering, and chat!

We hope this forum will be a place for considered, in-depth discussions on how human-centered design/design thinking is applied in the public and social sector. Take your time to think through your reply before hitting post, share your deeper reflections and let’s all learn from our collective wisdom. For more random, chatty and transient conversations, check out our Telegram chat group.

This forum is great for folks working at the intersection of human-centered design, innovation and public/social impact. You might be a:

  • UX designer creating an app that serves vulnerable groups,
  • social worker planning programs for your local community,
  • manager of an in-house government design team,
  • organizational change expert trying to bring citizen-centered transformation to your workplace,
  • civil servant charged with driving public service innovation or commissioning an innovation project

Some situations where you might find this forum useful:

  • you’re new to design thinking and would like to apply it to your work, but unsure how to and want to ask someone about it
  • you’re commissioning a design/innovation consultant to change “business as usual” and not sure what to look out for when appointing
  • you’re starting out on a new project and want to explore new ways to approach it using design thinking, and like to ask some expert practitioners for their views
  • your existing service/program is not working, the numbers are not coming in and you need to inject a fresh perspective by crowdsourcing some ideas from the community
  • prior to a workshop, you’re planning the structure and agenda for the workshop participants and could save time by adopting some templates that others in the community might know about
  • there’s new findings from your design research that requires you to explore new themes using different tools and you need help
  • you’re an experienced practitioner but want to stay inspired and keep updated on new best practices, and feel a sense of community to a global network